Life Insurance:

Many Americans believe that social security benefits alone pay for their final expenses. In reality, the government pays only $255 for funeral costs. For veterans qualifying for final expense benefits, the Veteran Affairs Office only allocates $300 for each beneficiary.

Whole Life:

  • Cumulative Cash Value
  • Estate Planning Inclusive
  • Funeral Expenses Covered

  • Entire Lifetime Validity (as long as premium payments are up-to-date)
  • Surviving Spouse Income

Term Life:

  • Does Not Accumulate Cash Value
  • Fixed Premium for a Limited Term

  • Includes Funeral Expenses
  • Surviving Spouse Income

Final Expense:

  • Affordable Rates (fitting most budgets)
  • Benefits Do Not Decrease
  • Cumulative Cash Value (can be borrowed against)
  • Noncancelable Coverage (as long as premium payments are up-to-date)
  • Fixed Premium

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Having this in mind, Right Choice Insurance and Taxes, Inc. partnered with some of the leading life insurance companies offering whole life and term life benefits, as well as final expense protection. You and your family can now rest assured that your final expenses will be covered when that day comes. Call us today at 520-264-8500

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